Hot box History


1980 C.U Rasheed migrated to Oman and started food business in the name of ARAB WORLD RESTAURENT,serving traditional omani food.Now Arab world has 4 branches and a well equipped central kitchen, which serves entire muscat city and sharqiya

Hot box is a cloud kitchen formed as a initiate to serve traditional malabar food and fusion foods.Hot box is a brand name under the umbrella Smart Foodie Kitchen.we traditional recipes without any preservatives to maintain high quality.We are well known for our thalassery biriyani which is cooked by following traditional methods.we focus one e-commerce,take away points(SIS) and catering.We do have our on application and delivery system.We have been in food industry for decades.

Art of cooking:

Biriyani came to India from Persian lands and stayed here to become a part of our cosine in 15 th century.
Over decades thalassery biriyani has made a name of itself among birianis.Our motto is to uphold the taste of thalassery biriyani to the world.We use selected quality khaima rice from fluffy and aromatic result.sThe garam masala is blended using locally sourced and naturally sourced ingredients such as( thalassery black pepper, local cloves )etc.We make sure to maintain healthy environment in cooking as well as ingredients so we use very less oil to make sure our biriyani does not stand out as unhealthy.We don’t use any preservatives in cooking.Our chefs are traditional chefs from thalassery who are passionate in cooking biriyani.We use the teqnique Dum to give meat its characteristic melt in ur mouth.We do dum each meat saperately.
Another unique dish of hot box is Shuwa chicken and beef.Shuwa is our own recipe inspired from oman.Its a slow cooked dish with 0% oil.Shuwa have tangy masala less spicy which suits for all age peoples and this dish is 100 percent healthy.It takes around 3-4 hours for us to make show.

Our Staff:

Hot box is managed by qualified and experienced team.our chef range includes traditional and experienced people from malabar who is into cooking profession as hereditary.We are proud to say that our chefs are passionate and focused on what they are doing. This makes us to keep up the standard and cosisitancy in food specially biriyani.

Business model:

we focus on delivering food to customers.we driver through online aggregators like(tomato,swiggy)and our own application, which delivery is managed by hot box team.We have take away counters also(SIS) which will be present in all major places of Cochin by 2021 end.


hot box loves being a part of your celebrations and joy.we undertakes catering and party orders.we serve from 10 people and above